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Frequently Asked Questions

How to open an account at Ocean Affiliates?

How do I recover my password?

The easiest way to recover your lost password is to use a link “Forgot Your Password?” after you click “Sign in” button. Fill in your email that was used when you registered at Ocean affiliates and click “Reset password”. Check your email and follow the instructions to set your new password. If you were unable to reset your password on your own, please contact our support department at manager@oceanaffiliates.com.

How to start your work with an affiliate program?

How to create a referral link?

How is Revshare or your affiliate income calculated?

Where to check your income for the current and previous months?

How to change personal data in your account?

Will you provide me a support?

How can I know that I can trust you?

Maximum earnings in affiliate program Ocean Affiliates

What promotional materials can I get from you?

What do I need to succeed as a web-master?

Features of our casinos

Are there any time limits on profit that a new player that I've involved gives me?